Leading From The Passenger's Seat

Friday, September 11, 2009

My son has been learning to drive. Just the mere fact of that could produce volumes of blog entries. I wondered many times over the years what it would be like to have my child start driving. I have always been a believer in the soon return of Christ and as that day loomed closer I found myself praying, "Even so, come quickly!" Well, He didn't, so my wife and I must endure this tribulation. Actually, I am really enjoying it. It has been fun and yes, a little scary, but I'm getting over that. As I have been relegated to the passenger seat now I never expected that I would become the student. The Lord has also been teaching me some things about worship from the passenger seat.

Don't stop learning. I have been leading worship for 25 years now and I realize that there is still much to learn. As I guide my son in learning to drive I have been relearning my own basic driving skills. As a Worship Leader it is important to regularly brush up on the basics. Taking my time, paying attention to the signs along the way and staying in the right lane are things I haven't thought about for a while. In terms of worship I am being reminded of the importance of being more deliberate in my worship and also paying attention to others around me in the journey. A good Worship Leader is one who doesn't see himself as a "Teacher" but rather a "Student".

Recaupture the thrill. As a 47-year old who has been driving for 31 years I drive to get from one place to another. As a 15-year old my son lives to drive. He wants to drive every chance he gets. It's amazing how he will go grocery shopping with his mother just so he can drive the 2 miles round trip. Shopping with his mother used to be even less exciting to him than going to the dentist. I would venture to bet that if it meant he got to drive he would even make his own dentist appointment! I am recapturing the thrill of "worship" again, the passion that I had 25 years ago.

I can't wait until Sunday so I can lead worship. I want to step up to the piano with the passion and thrill I felt 25 years ago, being thankful that it won't include the sheer feeling of panic I felt back then. I hope that you, whether you are a Worship Leader or a Worshiper, will run after that same thrill. Together let's get out of the driver's seat and take the passenger seat again!


Anonymous said...

I think that as we take a look back at our relationship with God and how it started, we can again find a fresh wind of energy to live for God with. Just like looking at Chris, we can look at new believers and join them in a new passion realizing once again how great our salvation in Christ is!!! Thanks David...

Elijah David

Anonymous said...

May you always have and express the excitement of freshness in worship that you have written about. That "fresh wind of energy" is God's gift to you as a worshipper, and your gift to others as a worship leader.

Blessings in your quest and journey!

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