True Success

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What is true success? How is it measured? How do we know when we are truly successful? Of course I am talking about success on a spiritual level, success as God would define it. We all want to be successful and I believe that God's plan is for us to succeed. Corporations spend billions of dollars on consultants to help them be successful. Even churches do this. The latest trend in church growth is the Church Consulting Firm. For a monthly subscription you can tap into an experts resources to help your church become successful. But how do we know our churches are being successful?

A large percentage of churches measure success by how well people are tithing. If the money is coming in then God is blessing what we are doing. If the blance sheet is in the black all is good? Right? I disagree. Here's why. Money lies! Take America for example. As our country's GDP has risen her moral and spiritual climate has steadily declined. If America is such a great financial institution why are we failing in so many areas? It's because we are looking at the wrong balance sheet. Money does not equal success in God's economy, especially in the Church. Joel 2 doesn't say, "If my people will tithe..." it says, "If my people will PRAY." In God's economy success is measured by prayer. Prayer is the only true way to measure success. If a church is not praying, no matter how much money it has coming in every month, no matter how many they have in attendance on Sunday morning, it is failing.

Today is the annual "See You At The Pole" day where thousands of teenagers are gathering around the flag poles of their schools to pray for their schools and their country. Our children get it. Why don't we adults, the generation in charge of how things are done, why don't we start a "See You At The Altar" campaign? But instead of once a year, how about every week? What if we took the focus off our balance sheet and put it where it belongs - our prayer list. Why don't we develop a staff position titled "Prayer Keeper" like we have a "Bookkeeper"?

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting the focus back where it should be. I do alot of "stuff" in and for and around church, which is fine, but I agree that my priorities are out of whack. Meriam Good

Anonymous said...

I like what you said and I agree, through recent prayer it was revealed to me how much the church has become dependent on finance, therefore taking away the focus from God. In my view of "true success" in the church, it isn't as you said how well people are tithing or on the numbers of the church, I feel that success is not for us to decide as we are not the Judge, right? I also like the campaign idea and with that I leave you with James 4:10 "Humble yourselves before the Lord and he"ll lift you up"

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