You Can Bring It With You

Monday, July 26, 2010

There is a saying we all know and perhaps have said many times that goes like this, "You can't take it with you." This is referring to eternity and the fact that all of the things we accumulate on this earth will be left behind. I believe that isn't entirely true. There is something that you can take with you, something that we are expected to present to the Lord when we stand before Him. That is other people.

Exodus 23:13 says, "No one is to appear before me empty-handed." This in reference to the Jewish celebration of the Feast of Harvest. This celebration was designed to not only give thanks to the Lord for His provision of a harvest, but for the Israelites to bring the first-fruits of that harvest as an offering to the Lord to show that they were faithful stewards of the land and that they had something to show for their diligence. On that final Feast of Harvest when we stand before the Lord we will get the chance to see the lives that were touched and influenced for eternity as a direct result of our lives. In the short time we have left we must be determined to invest in other people with the intention of ensuring that they too will some day stand before the Lord and spend eternity with Him. We dare not appear before Him empty-handed.

Start today. Our young people need us to come along side them to encourage them, to develop their giftings, to mentor them for success. It starts with small, simple acts, but it must be deliberate. We have to be intentional in our influence. One of the greatest rewards we can receive is to see a young person accomplish things we only dreamed about doing ourselves. But because we took the time and effort, we mentored those under us to be better than we could have been. This was the way Jesus operated. He took 12 young men under his wing and mentored them. He even told them that they would do even greater things than he did and he was right. The book of Acts is a testament to how well Jesus mentored them. So, if you want to be like Jesus, find some young people and start pouring into their lives.


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