A Christian Response to the Mosque at Ground Zero

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What would Jesus do today? What would he say about a group of his followers in Florida who are planning to burn copies of the Koran, the Islamic holy book? The pastor of that church stated in an interview on the ABC Evening News with Diane Sawyer that he believed Jesus would burn them too. I believe he is flat wrong and doesn't understand the true spirit of Christ. How do I know? Read the Gospel accounts of Jesus' ministry on earth. There is no record of Jesus or any of the Apostles of the 1st Century Church ever doing such a thing. They never openly railed against the religions of the day. There were no public protests or marches on the public square. There were no burnings of books or mosques or temples. What they did do was openly criticize the leaders of their own faith and they weren't subtle about it. In fact, Jesus went ballistic in the Temple one day turning over tables and whipping people. So why do we think we should engage in activity that Jesus himself didn't feel was necessary? Jesus was careful to actively pursue the Father's business, not his own or man's. It was that simple. That should be our model today.

We focus too much on the darkness rather than the light. We are so busy preaching against the darkness that we have forgotten our most important message--Jesus is the light of the world. When Jesus was born, the angels didn't say, "You people living in darkness better watch out. The light is here and you're dead!" No, they said, "The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned." (Isaiah 9:2) It was a message of hope and he goes on to talk about the joy that was now coming to them through Jesus. The church needs to be about the things the Father is about--a message of hope, not a message of hate. Maybe the world would listen to our message if instead of telling them how bad they are, we started cleaning our own house. What if we started demonstrating against our own evils like hypocrisy, hatred, gossip, etc.? Before we start pointing the finger at the world, we better clean up our own act first. That is how Jesus did it. We have no leg to stand on when we complain about a mosque being built on ground zero and the offense that creates while Christians have built their own buildings to be used for places of hate instead of houses of prayer like Jesus said they should be.

Where would Jesus visit today? I doubt he would be at ground zero in New York City speaking against the proposed mosque. I'm pretty certain he would be in Gainesville, Florida turning over some tables and whipping a few backsides. The hard truth is that Christians have done more damage to the testimony of Christ than any other religion could do on their own.


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EXCELLENT posting! I could not agree more! Thanks for visiting my blog and directing me here!

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good article, same message as this one:
Burning the Koran

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