This Is What The Church Should Look Like

Thursday, September 16, 2010

If the Church is the body of Christ, doesn't it make sense that our purpose and reason for being should be in line with what he is all about? The answer is simple - absolutely! So, what is he all about? What would he want us to be about? Again, the answer is simple - read the Gospels and you will see what he was all about, what his purpose was. This is our model. In Matthew chapter 4, Jesus begins his official ministry on earth and begins to call his disciples to follow him. Then in verse 23 it says that he went about preaching the good news of the kingdom. That's what we should be all about - the good news of the kingdom - nothing more, nothing less. The focus of the kingdom is Christ, the head, not the Church which is the body. The focus of much of the modern day Church is more about a ministry, a personality or leader, programs and buildings, etc. A friend of mine who pastored a large church in Colorado was at a luncheon of fellow pastors in his town. He voiced an observation to the men at that luncheon which made him a little unpopular after that. His observation was this - he noticed on the Church page in the local newspaper that all the churches had nice, eye-catching ads every week, but he could only find one out of 25 or so that made any mention of Jesus. That bothered him because he realized that the Church was advertising everything but her most important asset - Jesus Christ.

So, what should the Church be doing? What should be her focus and reason for being? I think verses 23 - 25 of Matthew 4 give us a blueprint. Here is what Jesus focused all his energy on during his time on earth while establishing his Church:
  • going to where people were rather than waiting for them to come to him
  • preaching and teaching about the kingdom
  • healing every disease and sickness
That's it - three simple things. Simple, yet profoundly powerful in their scope. So, if we compare what we are about today to what Jesus was about then, what's the verdict? Are we actually finding ways to go reach people, or are we simply waiting for them to somehow show up in our sanctuary on Sunday morning? Is the focus of our message about Jesus and his kingdom, or is it about us? Are we healing the sick? When was the last time we saw a miraculous healing take place in a worship service? Have we ever personally witnessed a demon-possessed person set free right before our very eyes? I have and it's an incredible thing to experience. These are the things we should be about because they are the things Jesus was about. They are the things he spent his time on. That is what the kingdom is all about and that is what the Church should look like.

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