There's No Turning Back

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I had the privilege of speaking to our middle and high school students in our weekly chapel this morning. I shared the story of Moses at the burning bush and as I was preparing last night, something struck me about this story in Exodus 3 that I had never noticed before. I have always read this from the perspective of God revealing himself to Moses for the first time, from the viewpoint that the point of the story is God. For the first time I began to read it from the viewpoint that the point of the story is Moses. As he is standing in the presence of a holy God and is on holy ground, God commands him to take his shoes off. God wasn't asking Moses to show respect. He was calling him to "step out" of who he was and "step into" what God had birthed him to be. Moses was birthed for the purpose of being the Deliverer of the nation of Israel from the empire of Egypt and its Pharaoh. As Moses finds himself standing before God at the burning bush, he was a man who had failed miserably, had been utterly rejected by his father, Pharaoh, and was now watching his father-in-law's herds. Take a moment to read the entire story. You will see God bringing Moses to terms with who he really was. Moses even tries to talk God out of it saying that he had made a mistake. But Moses finally understands and steps out of where he was at the moment and into his divine destiny. From that moment on you will read that Moses was never the same and he never, ever went back to where he was.

God wants you to know that your identity is not determined by your past. Your failures and mistakes, the dysfunction you are caught in, the rejection and abuse you have endured don't have to determine the direction of your destiny. God specializes in turning your messed up past in to a catalyst for catapulting you into the future he has destined you for. He understands that the best Deliverers are those who have experienced great moments of personal deliverance themselves.

God also wants you to know that your identity is not determined by your present circumstances.  Just because you may be in the midst of the worlds most impossible situation or you have just committed the worst sin imaginable, that doesn't have to determine the course of your future. God is never limited by any human circumstance. He specializes in redeeming failure and turning it into supernatural accomplishments for his kingdom. He understands that some of the most successful people in his kingdom are the ones who have just come out of the worst failure imaginable.

The key for us is to step out of where we have come from, where we are now and where we are headed and step into the divine purpose he has birthed us for. Once we do, like Moses, we will never be the same again. And like Moses, there's no turning back to the way things used be be.

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Les Tomlinson, Jr said...

Great word to give to the youth today! We need more people pushing our youth into their calling and stop standing by watching them self destruct.

Good word Brother!

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