How Do You Know If You Are A Healthy Leader?

Monday, June 13, 2011

It is simple. Your health as a leader is not measured simply by results. Results do lie. Successful results do not ensure that those who produced the results are healthy. A good leader understands that results are a small part of their calling as a leader. Developing healthy people is the much loftier and better result. Healthy people will more naturally produce great results. They won't be perfect and will make mistakes and fall short of goals at times, but great results at the expense of people is just bad leadership. If the people under your leadership are growing, improving and becoming healthy individuals, that is an outward sign of healthy leadership. People who are unhealthy, consistently not producing good results, and are failing in life could be a sign of an unhealthy leader. This is what separates the leaders from the managers. Managers view people as a tool. Leaders view people as a gift. Don't manage people, lead them.

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