Leading With Conviction

Monday, June 27, 2011

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You can't lead with conviction until you first live a life ruled by your convictions. It is a rare quality to find leaders that are ruled by convictions. This is especially true in politics. Most leaders today are lead by public opinion. Their goal is to make people happy. This isn’t leadership. It is simply following the masses.

A person who leads by conviction is the person who understands that their public actions do not define their conviction, but their convictions determine their public actions. In other words, who I am is not determined by what I do. Your life isn't shaped by how you lead, but rather, your leadership is shaped by how you live. We need more leaders who understand this basic principle. A leader with corrupt convictions will eventually exhibit corrupt behavior. We read almost daily about high profile leaders and politicians who have been publicly exposed for immorality or corruption.

Be a leader who leads from conviction rather than principles. Principles are based on what we think or feel. Principle-based leadership is not trustworthy because how we think and feel changes often. As a result, our principles remain fluid. Convictions, however, are based on the truth. The truth is the truth regardless of how we think or feel. As a result, our convictions remain constant. We must realize that principles are shaped by us while we are shaped by our convictions. We face the choice everyday to lead either from principle or conviction. Choose the latter. It’s the better path.
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Taylor Gilmore said...

This is a great post. It forced me to think! I agree on some points and respectfully disagree on others. Yes, a persons convictions will determine their actions, but those same convictions are the basis of their principals or their lack of principals, because as you stated, sometimes the persons covictions are corrupt. Therfore their principals and behavior become corrupt as well.

David Good said...

Thanks for your comments Taylor. You are right in that if a person's convictions are corrupt, their actions will be corrupt. That is the basic point of my post. What I am trying to get us to think about is when we simply think that we can behave a certain way to change our convictions which is just going in circles. You cannot change behavior simply by changing behavior because eventually your core convictions will take over and control your actions. My premise is that moral, upright convictions are a given. Corrupt convictions are a whole other post.

Thanks for adding your thoughts on the subject.

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