Halloween and the Quest for the Supernatural

Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween and the quest for the supernaturalOne of my neighbors down the street has spent the last two weeks building an elaborate pirate ship in his front yard for Halloween. He has been sawing and hammering until midnight, feverishly trying to get his project done in time for tonight. It's pretty spectacular and it must have cost him quite a bit in lumber. It has skeleton pirates on it with strobe lights and fog machines. I have been scratching my head wondering why a guy would go to such great lengths for such a silly holiday. Then it hit me. To our culture Halloween is not just a silly holiday. It's a chance to connect with the supernatural in a safe, fun way. People are hungry to connect with something bigger, more powerful and higher than they are.

That got me thinking. What if the Church, instead of laying low and lashing out against such a heathen holiday, what if she took advantage of such a huge opportunity and made an effort to present the God of the supernatural to them? We don't even have to go to them because on this day, they will be coming to our doors with open arms and bags. What if we dared to dream and pray that when they knock on our doors and we give them candy that somehow the supernatural presence and power of the living God would be manifested through us? I suspect that they will know when they see the real thing. That's what they are looking for in all of this hype. We don't have to be weird, just authentic.

Happy Halloween!

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