Transformational Leadership

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

transformational leadership
The goal of Transformational Leadership is not to merely lead people to change their behavior or actions. The ultimate goal is to lead people to develop character. Simply focusing on what people do won't produce lasting results. Focusing on who they are, or character, will produce lasting results. Make it your goal to develop better people instead of better results and good results will naturally follow. There is a simple requirement to be a Transformational Leader. It requires that I practice Transformational Living.  The truth is you can't lead people where you haven't been yourself.

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Rob Still said...

Thia is so true David. I believe one of the benefits of worship is that is changes us (Rom 12:2), literally, we become what we behold. Good word.

David Good said...

Thanks for your comment Rob. I agree and would take that one step further and say that as we worship, if we are not being changed, then we are not really worshiping. (Isaiah 6)

TechBizM said...

Thanks for the excellent post. It's a very good & informative one.

For a few  years, I am learning & working on the topics, especially on Transformational leadership. Quite a lot of leaders in the human history have demonstrated exceptional success in transforming human life, work, economy, philosophy and above all well-being. I have recently analyzing some transformational leaders and their success, traits and the secret of their being of such kind of leaders.

My blog on this topic is . Here I have described the leadership of 3 great leaders. This list should be bigger even. I have selected them not based on any category but on total impact of their leadership on their followers.

I think, transformational leaders need not to be a ruler or army chief or sectarian leader. Rather from the history of business, religion, technology we see a good number of individuals who marked their steps in this hall of fame. One thing is common in all transformational leaders, they are people’s leaders and they worked for collective well being and they succeed as a whole.

David Good said...

Thank you for your comments, mdeakub. In my experience and opinion, the only way to become a Transformational Leader is to allow yourself to become transformed by God Himself from the inside out. It does come by becoming a great leader or developing a great following. If you have not experienced real, life-changing transformation on a personal level, you will not be able to truly lead people in transformation. One of my mentors always use to say, "You can not lead people where you have not been yourself." Very wise words and very true.

Blessings on your journey of transformation.

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