The Real Treasure of Christmas

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the real treasure of christmas
I was thinking about the birth of Jesus the other day. Not the way we normally think about it with the angels singing loudly and the magi bringing lavish gifts to the manger. I was thinking about the actual birthing process Mary went through when Jesus was born on that day. Childbirth is not pretty. It's painful and hard. When I stood next to my wife when she gave birth to my son, I thanked God in heaven that He made me a male and not a female!

The greatest gift to man was birthed not in pageantry and splendor, but in pain and agony. Isaiah 53 is a poetic picture of the true Messiah and Savior. It's hard to read because it is full of words like despised, rejected, sorrows, oppressed and afflicted. Jesus is given this title in verse 3 - "A man of sorrows acquainted with grief". The Father, in His wisdom and understanding, gave us His son born out of pain and sorrow so that we could know not just a man called Jesus, but a Savior who overcame the very pain and sorrow we needed to be rescued from. This is the Jesus the world can relate to because that is real life. The real treasure of Christmas is not the pretty lights, presents and music. It's that in the face of great pain and sorrow, we can find true life and peace!

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