Real-World vs. Virtual Leaders: Are You a Leader, Or Just a Social Networker?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

real-world vs. virtual leaders: are you a leader or just a social networker?
Too many leaders today are simply focused on increasing their following. The number of Twitter or Facebook followers is not the measure of successful leadership. Getting retweeted is not a true measure of greatness either. Leadership is about ensuring the success of those around you. Are you simply focused on increasing your followers? Do you measure your success as a leader by your online presence? Then you are merely a social networker, not a leader. 

Social Networking is only concerned about advancing self. Leadership is about advancing other people. In the real world of leadership, this is what separates the men from the boys. The world doesn't need more online pundits writing more blogs, giving us the top ten ways to do this, or 20 tips for doing that. Many Internet leadership gurus never spend any time in a room with real people and have never actually met any of their online followers. Leadership is not something that can be developed out of an online presence. It is developed by personally investing in people and spending time with them. That should be the standard by which leadership is measured. As I said before, anything less is just social networking.

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