Video Post: Strategically Positioning Yourself to Hear God's Voice

Thursday, January 10, 2013

This is a message I spoke on Sunday, January 30th at Trinity Church from 1 Samuel 3 on the importance of developing a strategy to hear God's voice in the coming year in a deeper dimension in your life. I cover three main areas that will help us get to a place where God can speak to us and we can hear him.

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Rob Boyland said...

Great message David! This message is just further confirmation of the need for me to get alone with God this weekend for an extended period of time as I too am tired of the status quo...I am ready for God to speak to me this year, calling me out of my comfort and into His will and grace!

Thanks for sharing and keeping preaching His Truth for this generation!

David Good said...

Thank you, Rob. May you experience God's voice in a deeper dimension and with greater power in this new year.

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