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Friday, May 10, 2013

Below is a review on my book, Captivated By the Heart of God from To see the review on the website click here.

Back when I had one child and more time, I used to prepare devotions for my worship team every week. Each one was tailored around a song we were doing that week, and I tried to work in related scripture and the story behind the song to draw out a lesson. It really worked well, and I think it helped bring the team together.
But that was a different time, and even a different church. While I’d like to do something like that for my team now, it’s tough to find the time. So I was curious when David Good told me about his book, Captivated By The Heart Of God. It’s full of devotionals that would be great for a worship team. In fact, the subtitle is 40 Daily Devotionals from the Life of a Worship Leader.
David was kind enough to provide me with a review copy, and I really enjoyed reading through it. Each day’s devotional is a quick read, so it’s a great addition to your current Bible reading plan.
One of my favorite things about David’s book is that it’s not dry; he adds humor in plenty of spots to lighten the mood and make the lessons go down easy. For example:
I have fond memories of the rare road trips my family took when I was a kid. We usually took the four or five hour trip to see my Aunt and Uncle in Fremont, California. We would load up my dad’s ’59 Pontiac Station Wagon with our luggage, along with a few dozen cases of Coke-a-Cola. We always took an ample supply with us since my dad’s best friend was a regional manager for the Coke-a-Cola company. This greatly pleased our dentist back home. The fact that we drove a ’59 Pontiac, that we rarely took road trips, and we had readily available drinks on the way made for a very interesting journey with three rambunctious kids in the back seat. Coupled with the fact that my dad was the kind of driver who wouldn’t stop until we got to our destination, I would have to say that it was a miracle from God himself that any of us lived to tell about it.
I won’t spoil the lesson from that particular day’s reading, but rest assured, it’s a good one.
But it’s not all fun and games, either. There are serious lessons and things to be learned in David’s book, and it’s all borne out of his own experiences, so it’s very practical, such as this excerpt from a lesson on anxiety:
All of us deal with anxiety to some extent. Some more than others. It is difficult not to be anxious, especially in today’s fast-paced culture that expects more of us than ever before. To think that we can create a worry-free life is naive, but God has given us a powerful tool to help us deal with anxiety and find true joy even in the midst of adversity and trials. Philippians 4:4-9 gives us six steps to overcome anxiety.
Or this, from a lesson on despair:
All of us from time to time face moments of despair in life. I wish I could tell you that the Christian life is exempt from despair, but I can’t. We read about an incident when David faced a period of intense despair in Psalm 57. Maybe you have felt like he did in verse 4, “I am in the midst of lions; I lie among ravenous beasts–men whose teeth are spears and arrows, whose tongues are sharp swords.” If you read the entire chapter you will read how David didn’t resign himself to despair. We see how he went from the depths of despair to great heights of hope.
If you’re looking for a book of quick devotionals to go through either personally or with your worship team, Captivated By The Heart Of God is a great place to start. The devotions are challenging without being frustrating, and quick without being overly simple. Honestly, I think I’m going to go through it again and pick up some things I may have missed the first time around.
Note: David is also the subject of an upcoming interview at Worship Links.

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