A Divine Interruption

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The story of Moses' encounter with God at the burning bush in Exodus 3 is a profound story that has huge implications for your everyday life. At the time of this encounter, Moses had recently fled from his adopted father, Pharaoh, after murdering an Egyptian citizen. He now was living among the Midianites as the new son-in-law of the priest of Midian. His life was much different from the one he knew growing up in the royal palaces of Egypt as the adopted son of the king of Egypt, the most powerful man in the world at that time. Now he was adopted by the Midianites, a nomadic tribe, living in the desert and making a living by tending the flocks and herds of his wife's father. With his past behind him and a new start to a quiet, peaceful life he discovers that God isn't finished with him. As Moses is going about his normal, daily routine he encounters a divine interruption that changes the course of his life and the life of millions of Jews forever. In verse 3 Moses says, "I will go over and see this strange sight."

Like Moses, God wants to interrupt your daily routine and give you a supernatural encounter with Him that will change everything. Whatever failures, unrealized dreams or forgotten promises you have in your past, God wants to stop you in your tracks and bring you to the place where He resets the course for your life and shows you a supernatural destiny He birthed you for. The key is that you have to look for it. As it did for Moses, the interruption comes while we are in the desert place, a place of frustration, or when we have given up on what once was. These moments are ripe for a a visitation.

If you want to have a supernatural encounter with God you have to stop what you are doing and turn towards the interruption to hear Him speak to you. Had Moses not turned away from his routine for a moment and moved toward the burning bush, he might have missed that divine moment and an entire nation would never have been delivered from bondage.

I believe the story of Moses was given to show us that God has birthed each one of us for a divine purpose that is beyond anything we could have ever dreamed or hoped for. You were created for more than just herding sheep, running from past failures, or trying to forget what could have been. He has destined you to be a deliver of people within your reach who are desperately crying out to be rescued, and you may be their only hope. Keep your eyes open. Today may be the day of a divine interruption for you.

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