What's Your Dream?

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

what's your dream?
What have you been dreaming about lately? I'm not talking about the dreams you have in your sleep as the result of a late night snack or from watching TV before bedtime. What are you dreaming about for where your life is going? Are you dreaming God-sized dreams or man-sized dreams?

Joseph was a young man who dreamed big. I mean really big. His dreams were not the run of the mill kind. He dreamed God-sized dreams. Read about it in Genesis 37. Joseph dreamed the kind of dreams that change nations, move the hearts of kings and set the course for entire generations. Joseph wasn't special. He was just a normal guy, living in a typical though rather dysfunctional family, doing everyday things just like everyone else. The reason why he dreamed God-sized dreams was simply because he wasn't willing to settle for anything less. His brothers dreamed everyday kind of dreams. Not Joseph. He wanted more.

God has a dream for you too, just like Joseph. It's a God-sized dream and much bigger than you are. The key to start having that kind of dream is you have to want it. It starts in your willingness to not be satisfied with your own dreams. God wants you to stop dreaming like you and start dreaming like Him. It's as simple as saying, "Speak Lord, for I'm listening." Then watch your dreams begin to change because God has been waiting for you to ask him that. And I guarantee you that he will take you up on it.

There is a whole generation around you that is in need of someone to dream for them. They are desperate for help and they have no hope for the future. God wants to use you to show them the way like Joseph did for his generation. Your family situation will only change when someone dares to dream God-sized dreams for them.

How do you know if your dream is a God-sized dream? How do you know if your dreams are not just pipe dreams or wishful thinking? Here's a check-list to find out.
  • If you think you can do it then it's not big enough. God-sized dreams seem impossible to men.
  • If it doesn't make sense or defies logic then chances are it is not your own.
  • If it doesn't create opposition in your life then you're not dreaming big enough.
  • If it's too easy then it's not a God-sized dream.
  • If it doesn't cost you everything then it's not a God-sized dream.
  • If it doesn't take considerable time then it's a man-sized dream.
I hope as you read this post that you begin to feel something stir in your spirit. Start dreaming a God-sized dream today. God has a dream waiting for you. All you have to do is want it. Let's stop dreaming like men and start dreaming like God.

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