The Lost Art of Excellence

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

excellence checklist
Excellence is a lost art. Far too many leaders, businesses, schools and churches think they are striving for excellence when they are merely settling for satisfactory. The goal of excellence is not to be good enough. It is more about exceeding expectations and doing things better than anyone else is doing in your field. We flock to conferences and seminars to learn how the gurus are doing what they do and then go back to our company, church or school and try to implement those same strategies thinking we will be successful if we just copy successful people. That isn't excellence. It is merely achieving par - being just as good as the rest of the players. These gurus are successful because they are doing things no one else is doing and in ways no one else thought of. That is excellence.

If you carefully study the number one business of the day, the fastest growing church, or the most successful school in the country, you will find that their success can't be boiled down to a three-point plan. The real reason they are successful is because they simply identified a need that wasn't being met and found a way to meet that need. Excellence is not meeting the bar, it's setting the bar. Instead of making it our goal to achieve the standard, why not make it our goal to set the standard? Isn't that what a guru does? That's why we flock to them. It's because they are doing something no one else thought of. Whatever your niche or field of expertise is, you have a choice--you can either follow the rest of the pack (par), or you can set the pace for the rest of the pack (excellence).

The Lost Art Of Excellence
Jesus challenged his disciples to be this kind of leader in John 14:12. He tells them that not only will they do the things he has done, he tells them they will do even greater things. It would be up to the disciples to keep raising the bar and not settle for what was familiar, easy or known. Whether you are a business leader or an employee, a pastor or the church janitor, a career woman or a stay-at-home mom, the challenge for all of us is to not settle for the norm in life, but create the new norm. You become indispensable when you are doing something no one else can or has done before. That is excellence. Now it is up to you to start setting the bar.

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