Top 10 Most Read Posts For The Month Of August

Monday, September 2, 2013

In case you missed it, here are the Top 10 Most Read Posts for the month of August.

#1: The Breaking of Bread - Part 5 of Signs and Wonders: 4 Core Values for Today's Church
We have made Communion merely a remembrance of something that was done for us when it should also be a celebration of what we should be doing for Him.

Do you have the courage to dream a God-sized dream? And do you have the courage to walk away from where you are right now? I hope so. God is waiting on you so go for it!

If you see people as a means to serve you, then you are not a servant leader. I would call you a manager or simply a boss. If you view your role as a leader to empower others to become better at what they do, to achieve greater levels of skill and ability and become better and more productive people in the process, then you are a servant leader.

Lady Gaga's message is accept the limitations life brings you. Jesus' message is accept his abundant life he brings. Which seems to bring more hope?

Worship is not intended to be something we do to get God to respond to us but to move us to respond to Him.

If we want to realize the dreams God has put in our hearts and accomplish big things for His kingdom it starts with going after the little things we have been called to do today.

The bottom line here is when you face trials, it is important to keep your attention focused on the right place. Look at him, not your problem. This will give you hope and faith even in the midst of the most difficult circumstances.

This radical lifestyle among the members of the early Church created an atmosphere where signs and wonders became a normal part of who they were.

It is hard when we are living in times of drought. I have found that our dependence upon God tends to dry up during times of abundance.

When we face overwhelming storms and trials in life it is so easy to begin to believe that it is way bigger than it really is and we start believing things about ourselves and God that simply are not true. David gives us a few simple tactics to be able to stand victorious during these moments.

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