A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 28, 2013

We gather together to give the Lord blessing among preparations of turkey and dressing.
The thing we’re most thankful for on this holiday is not just the blessings you give day to day-
Houses and cars, iPhones and dress; Abundance, prosperity, financial success;
Holiday bonuses and 401Ks; Frantically saving for that tropical getaway.
We have so much stuff, too much that’s for sure, yet somehow it’s left us a bit insecure.
With all that we have it’s so easy to forget that it’s not about things or getting our needs met.
It’s all about You, and not the things you have done, but the one thing that matters - Jesus, You’re Son.
We’re thankful and grateful, we’re blessed beyond measure, but we focus today on life’s greatest treasure.
Thank You for loving us and giving Your Son. By shedding His blood, the victory is now won.
To show You our thanks, what more could we do, than offer our lives as an offering to You.
With a song of thanksgiving we lift up our praise to the One who’s been faithful to us day after day.

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