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Sunday, December 29, 2013

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As we approach a new year and look back at 2013, here is a listing of the Top 10 most read posts for the year. In case you missed them, or just want to read them again, you can click on the title and the post will open in a new window. Happy reading and thank you to all my faithful readers here at The Good Life. May you have a blessed and happy new year in 2014.

#1 - Here I Am
Psalm 134 instructs us to lift up our hands in worship to the Lord. There is good reason to do this, and not just because the Bible tells us to. There is something very powerful about the act of lifting our hands up in worship that when we understand it, we will find it hard to do anything else as we worship.

What is a servant leader? It's not complicated really. If you see people as a means to serve you, then you are not a servant leader. I would call you a manager or simply a boss. If you view your role as a leader to empower others to become better at what they do, to achieve greater levels of skill and ability and become better and more productive people in the process, then you are a servant leader.

Everyone leads someone. Whether you realize it or not, the way you live your life is influencing someone right this moment. That could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending upon how you are living your life. Whether you are a parent, a teacher in a classroom, a manager in a company, an employee, or a friend to someone, you are leading people. You and I have a choice--we can either be bad leaders or we can be good ones. Great leadership is determined by character, not training or education.

The broken bread is a symbol to remind us of his broken body which provides for our healing, and the wine is a symbol to remind us of his blood that was shed for the remission of our sins. The first Church made a point to be devoted to the observance of Communion which they called the Breaking of Bread as a regular and foundational part of who they were.

A true artist doesn't create his masterpiece to make money, though that is always a welcome benefit. He creates it with the intention of presenting it as a gift to others for their enjoyment, hoping that it will touch their soul and somehow inspire them.

In Psalm 46:10 David tells us, "Be still and know that I am God." In the fast-paced, instant society we live in it is no easy task sometimes to just be still. The Hebrew meaning for "be still" is to let drop, abandon, relax, refrain, forsake; to let go; to withdraw.

Most people try to find the answer to this question by asking another question - "If God is good, then why do bad things happen to good people?" That is a good question and a very legitimate one. Another good question is - "If God is good, then why do good things happen to bad people?"

#8 - When Talent Overshadows Character - A Tale Of Two Drummers
Over the years, as I have seen many people come and go on the many worship teams I have led, I have learned a very important lesson – as we choose people, it is vital that character always comes before talent. Let me tell you a tale of two drummers. This is a true story but the names have been changed.

In 1984 I was fresh out of Bible college, barely 21 years old and ready to take on the world for Jesus. I had spent four hard years and thousands of dollars earning a degree. I was hired as a Music Pastor in a small church outside San Francisco and when I moved into my new office, I proudly hung my degree on the wall. This is what I worked so hard for, and now I had finally made it.

This first Beatitude is strategic. It is listed first for a reason. The ability to achieve the rest of the list hinges on establishing this first one. This is the hardest one and the most painful because to become poor in spirit means that we have to come to a complete end of ourselves--total surrender of ourselves, laying claim to nothing in life except God alone.

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