What Are You Afraid Of?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

what are you afraid of?
"Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." John 14:27

When a young child is afraid of the dark, the best way to help him is not to try and convince him that there is nothing to be afraid of. You can tell him that a thousand times and it will not alleviate his fear. It is easy for an adult to believe that because he has had years of experience to prove that there is nothing to be afraid of. A child, on the other hand, has a real and rational fear of the dark. Trying to tell him otherwise will only make the fear worse. The wise parent is patient and understanding and is willing to help him overcome that fear a little at a time, never scolding him for acting like a child. Children need to learn that it is normal to be afraid sometimes and that everyone, even adults, are afraid. The key is not learning how to not be afraid, but learning how to not let fear control us.

I don't think the verse above is the best English translation of what Jesus said. I think a better, more accurate translation would be, "Don't allow yourself to be continually troubled and filled with fear." Jesus isn't telling us we should never be afraid. In fact, I think He is actually acknowledging the reality of our fear and encouraging us to not let fear control how we live. The same wording is used here that Paul used in Ephesians 5:18 when he said, "be filled with the Spirit." It is not a one-time action. It is a continual, daily process that is not an act, but rather a lifestyle. In other words, don't let fear become a lifestyle. Don't let it become something that controls you but through Him, learn to control fear. Again, the point is not to get rid of fear, but learn to overcome fear. There is a big difference between the two.

Fear will always be a fact of life and God will never scold you for being afraid. He will never call you a big baby either. A child runs from fear and tries to hide from it. A healthy, mature adult has learned to face fear head-on and refuses to let fear dictate his or her day. You and I have a choice every day when faced with fear - we can let it paralyze us or use it to energize us. I have discovered that fear is a lot like a very large Troll on a bridge that tries to tell me that I cannot pass. When I ignore his lies and keep walking, he runs away. It isn't always easy because that Troll can be pretty big and intimidating at times but I have to decide that I will not be the one that runs away - he will! Which will you choose today?

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Anonymous said...

David, I love how you explain this. Truly faithful Christians are more than overcomers in Christ.

How very true. Satan is the one that hates man. Dear reader, our majestical Lord has a master plan for your life too. Be very encouraged, for God is on your side and His plans will come to pass as you trust and obey Him wholeheartedly.

There is no better advice than what David gives. Just keep close to the Lord Jesus at all times.

Although we all prone to fear when I read Jesus' words I understand that there is a better way than fearing the circumstances we find ourselves facing. In this regard I find it helpful think of David when he fought Goliath. God was with him and gave him the victory.

God's great desire is for us to grow more like Him and He is fearless! I've observed that when I wholeheartedly trust and obey Christ I fear less and less, for perfect love, the love of God, casts out my fears!

God bless you!

Josef Sefton

David Good said...

Thank you, Josef, for your great thoughts. I like how you said, "When I wholeheartedly trust and obey Christ I fear less and less."

Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope you will stop by again soon.



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