If You Are Not A Servant, You Can't Claim To Be Like Jesus

Saturday, February 8, 2014

how can i serve you
Several months ago I got up at the crack of dawn to take my car into the local dealership to get an airbag recall taken care of. I had a 7:00 a.m. appointment. From the moment I drove onto the lot, I got the impression that something was not right. There were no lights on in the main part of the building facing the street. I could see an open garage door with a sign that said "Service" on it so I figured that was where I needed to go. As I got out of my car I could not find the Service Dept. office where you are supposed to check in. I found a door with a light on inside and a guy sitting at a desk inside so I went in. That was the right place, but there were no signs anywhere to let you know that. I told the man that I had a 7:00 appointment which seemed to irritate him. He never did say hello or welcome me to their business. To make a long story short, that was the good part. Things quickly went from bad to horrible. I won't bore you with the whole story, but I will tell you that I took my keys back and told them I would not be needing their "service" and would find another dealer that would be happy to help me.

It's Your ServeAs I "calmly" drove away (insert a heavy dose of sarcasm) I began thinking about what impression we give the world today as Christians. When they muster up enough courage to walk through the doors of our churches on Sunday mornings do they get the impression that we are there to serve them? Of any place people walk into on this planet, Churches should be experts on customer service.

Did you know that Jesus is the ultimate master of service? We are told in Matthew 20:28 that he came to earth not to be served, but to serve us and to give his life as a ransom for many. No one in the universe is more worthy of being served than Jesus, yet his heart is to be the ultimate servant. If we are not about serving others then we simply can not claim to be like Jesus. If our goal is to be served then we are nothing like him.

My prayer today is that we would become more like Jesus and become the servant of all. God, help all of us to be motivated by one simple goal - to serve. Forgive us for being so much unlike you at times. With God's help may all of our churches become famous for our customer service.

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