Exposing Our Weakness Opens the Door to God's Strength

Sunday, May 18, 2014

hiding behind door
I was reading the story of the man with a withered hand this morning in Luke 6:6. If you are familiar with this story, which is included in each of the four Gospels, you know that the story really isn't about this man. The point of the story is exposing the Pharisee's warped thinking about what is right and wrong. Quite literally, this man is just being used to make a point. Fortunately for him Jesus heals his hand.

I can't help but notice something about this man, however. Think for a moment what life would be like if you had a deformity like his. As an adult, we would have developed ways of coping with the difficulties such a condition would present. I can't imagine what I would do if I didn't have full use of both my hands. I wouldn't be able to play the piano. To me, that would be a death sentence. Imagine now what it would be like as a child growing up having to deal with the teasing and comments from other children; the stares; the questions. I would imagine that you would develop ways to draw attention away from your hand. Our story finds this man in the Synagogue and suddenly, Jesus makes him stand up in front of everybody and stick out his hand. If it were me, I probably would have automatically stuck out my good hand, not my bad one. He doesn't do that. He sticks out his withered hand. Very interesting.

This got me thinking. When we find ourselves confronted by Jesus, do we find ourselves showing him the side of us that has it all together? Do we approach him in our strength? Do we hide our flaws and weaknesses? Or do we come to him like this man with nothing to hide and just put it all out there for him to see? Jesus wants us to come to him in our weakness so that he can give us strength. If we come to him in our own strength we won't have room for his strength. Doesn't he already know the truth about us anyway? Jesus is looking for weak and weary people because they are the ones who are desperate for him. Lord, make me like that!

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