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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Many of you know that last September we took a step of faith in obedience to the leading of the Lord to step away from 30 years as Associate Pastors and pursue a call to become Senior Pastors. We felt the Lord spoke very clearly to us which was confirmed by some others we consider mentors and trusted advisers to walk away from our position at Trinity Church in San Antonio and begin the process of seeking the Lord's will. This has been one of the most difficult and scary things we have ever done. The logical way would have been to wait until we had some place to go BEFORE we left where we were, but that is not the way God wanted it done this time. Our faith has been tested. We have faced moments of great fear and uncertainty. We have been tempted to find a position as Associate Pastors since that is what we have always known. We have endured times of wondering if God has abandoned us during times of silence in this process. I can tell you that taking a step of faith like this is not for the weak of heart. It is not for those who are not interested in being stripped of all of the things that you have held onto. It is not for the impatient.

I do have to tell you however, that this has been the most rewarding and exhilarating season of our lives. We are learning to hear God's voice in ways we never have before. We are learning what it really means to put our complete trust in Him alone and to not depend on ourselves or anyone else to get us where we are going. We are also learning to walk together in single-heartedness as husband and wife in a dimension never experienced before. For these things, it has been worth it all and we are so thankful for what the Lord is doing in us as he leads us into the next chapter of our ministry.

Some of you know that we have been considered as Senior Pastor candidates at a church in the San Francisco area. We were scheduled for an interview this afternoon but after a lengthy time of prayer we felt the Lord clearly tell us that we are to withdraw our names from consideration there, as well as a few others that are looking at our resume, which we have done. We both feel very strongly that San Antonio is the city that we are called to indefinitely and we are focusing all our time and energy to pursuing God's will for ministry in this city that has become the love of our hearts. We do not know what that ministry looks like, but we do know that San Antonio is the place we are to be.

So, where do we go from here? More waiting, seeking, praying, and walking by faith! Whether God calls us to pastor an existing church, plant something new, or pioneer a ministry that has yet been done before in our city, God will unfold His plan before us and to those it will involve in due time in His own sovereign way. One thing the Lord spoke to me several months ago was that when we get to where it is He is taking us, the only person who will get any credit for making it happen will be God, and God alone. He gave me Psalm 42:3 as a promise that says, "Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in Him."

Will you partner with us in prayer not only for us, but for our city, that God will unfold His plan for how He is calling us to impact San Antonio for His kingdom? Pray for patience, strength, provision of financial needs in the process, clarity in our vision and hearing, and for His will to be done. We believe that things will happen in a much more accelerated time now and we are excited about what lays around the corner.

Thank you for your prayers! They mean more than you could ever know. We will keep you updated on things as they happen.

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