We Are Called To Be Bridge Builders

Friday, June 20, 2014

building a bridge
Wouldn't it be wonderful if God just took us immediately to heaven the moment we got saved? It would sure make things a lot easier and less complicated. But he didn't save us to make life easy for us. Now that we are his, he has a divine purpose for us here on earth. It has been said that you are the only Jesus people will ever see. If God removes you from this earth and the people around you, how will they ever know about what God has done for them? You are now a member of God's Holy Priesthood and your assignment is to build a bridge between God and the people around you just as someone did for you. He could surely do it without you. He has the power and can certainly do anything, but the beauty of his plan is that he wants you to partner with him in his plan to reach the world with the good news of salvation. He doesn't need you, but he wants you and that is why he chose us.

We are given the mandate to build bridges between God and people in 1 Peter 2:9. This is done by declaring who God is and what he has done for us. A large part of this mandate is accomplished simply by telling others around us who he is, but it must go way beyond our words. It must be declared by the way we live our lives. If we say one thing yet live another way, our words become meaningless. You can quote scripture and preach on the street corner all day long, yet people will reject your message. But there is one thing the people who know you simply cannot deny and that is the reality of a transformed life. By watching you, they have become eyewitnesses to the life-changing power of Christ and that is indisputable. Peter had much to say during the time he walked with Jesus, but it was his personal transformation that spoke volumes more than he could have ever said with his mouth.

The same is true for us today. I believe the number one reason why our culture has become so hostile to the gospel is because those who are proclaiming it are simply not living it. Actions speak louder than words and that one fact should leave us shaking in our boots. When our actions contradict the truth, we create a noise that blocks out the world's ability to hear the truth. It causes deafness in the ears of those around us, preventing them from hearing anything else. Nothing will build bridges faster and more effectively than people walking in the fullness of God's salvation and Christ-like character before men and nothing destroys those bridges faster than a life living in contradiction to the truth.

May the way you live your life today build bridges, not burn them.

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