Break Out of the Mundane and Into the Miraculous

Monday, September 29, 2014

break out wall
Do you ever get tired of where you are at? I'm not necessarily talking about your job or the house you live in. I'm talking about the spiritual rhythm of your daily life. Do you ever feel like there is something more waiting for you just over the horizon but aren't sure how to get there?

If you are going to break out of the mundane rhythm of your life and step into something much bigger you have to take a step of faith. You will have to step out of where you are now and step into where you need to be. Don't wait for God to open the door or map out the road for you. Step out and he will open up the way for you.

Joshua faced this same challenge after the death of Moses. God was calling Joshua to finally lead the Israelites across the Jordan River into the Promised Land. God also encouraged Joshua to be strong and courageous and remember that he would be with him every step to of the way. As they stepped into the Jordan the waters parted before them and they entered into a totally new way of life.

That is the key for you and I. If we are going to break out of the mundane and begin to experience the miraculous we have to step into the water in faith. We can't afford to let fear hold us back and rob us of realizing God's future for us.

You can stay where you are if you want, but as long as you do you will miss out on a miraculous future God has waiting for you. So go ahead. Take that first step. God is waiting for you! Watch this video of a song by Chris Tomlin titled, Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies). It will bless you and give you courage.

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