A King and a Peasant Girl

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Isn't it amazing that the creator of the universe chose to come into our world through a young peasant girl? Out of all the people in the world He chose someone who was virtually unknown. At the time of Jesus' birth, Mary's world had been turned upside down because of this "unplanned" pregnancy. I wonder what her dreams of the future were and what aspirations she had. All of a sudden her life comes to a screeching halt and takes a drastic turn. She endured the scorn of others, perhaps even by her own family, because they assumed she had conceived a child out of wedlock with a guy named Joseph. This brought shame on her family. When the time came for Jesus to be born they were on the streets and had no place to stay. They had no money, were all alone and had a bleak future ahead of them.

God planned it that way. He chose this way to show you and I that He reveals His glory to us when we are at our worst. He didn't show up in pageantry and fanfare. He came in quiet simplicity so the world would know that He comes to us just as we are - right in the middle of our struggles; in the midst of pain and suffering; in despair and hopelessness. He doesn't wait until we have life all figured out. He steps into our brokenness so that His redeeming grace can bring wholeness.

This Christmas season don't look for Him in the tinsel and lights or in the spectacular musical productions and programs. His glory is revealed in the day to day reality of life away from the displays and pageantry. He is found in the midst of us trying to figure out how to make it to the next paycheck; in the bad news from the doctor' in the struggle to turn our marriages around. If you look You will find Him there and He will bring His peace in the midst of it all. It's a peace that lasts long after the decorations are taken down and the lights go out.

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