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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

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As we reflect back on the last year and prepare to enter a new one, here are the top 10 most popular posts from The Good Life for 2014. I am truly thankful for the many regular readers who take the time to stop by this blog. I hope you will continue to keep coming back in the coming year. If you haven't done so yet, I invite you to subscribe to The Good Life so you can get new posts delivered right to your inbox. As always, your email address will never, ever be shared to anyone. To subscribe simply click on the subscribe button at the bottom of this page.
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Top 10 Posts of 2014

Two extremes we must avoid are the neglect and overemphasis of the practice of fasting. We must not make less of what God intends for us and we must not make more of it either. Read on to discover 5 Biblical Principles For Fasting

#9 - Break Out of the Mundane and Into the Miraculous
Do you ever get tired of where you are at? I'm not necessarily talking about your job or the house you live in. I'm talking about the spiritual rhythm of your daily life. Do you ever feel like there is something more waiting for you just over the horizon but aren't sure how to get there? Read on to find out how you can break out of where you are and into what God has for you.

The world needs to see that the faith we profess has power every day of the year, not just during Lent. They are looking for something to make sense of life everyday. They want to know that it is not only real, but that it is eternal. Read on to discover how Lent can be a powerful testament to the power of prayer and fasting.

#7 - Easter Is Not the End
This may sound sacrilegious, but the focus of Easter isn't Jesus but us. He was born, died and rose again so that we could spend eternity with Him. You see, Easter is not the end. It's actually the beginning.

#6 - A Disturbing Trend In the Modern-Day Pulpit
There is a disturbing trend in today's modern American church culture that is reducing our pulpits to venues of disseminating information rather than imparting truth. Many church leaders have even abandoned the term, sermons, in favor of the more trendy term, talks.

With convenience comes a tremendous price tag and one I don't think anyone considered in 1973. Who knows what it has cost us so far, but this I can tell you - there will come a day when the final price for our convenience will be demanded of us by our Creator whom we stole those lives from.

What we think about life determines the outcome. It's all about attitude. Here are a few attitudes that help us overcome our fear of life's storms.

The Ten Commandments are not a set of rules to keep us in line. They are a list of fruit that are a result of a healthy relationship with the one who is the compassionate and gracious God who is slow to anger and is abounding in love and faithfulness. The closer I walk in relationship with him, the more I will naturally exhibit these ten character traits in my life.

#2 - A Better Approach To New Year's Resolutions
This year, take a new approach and let God be the one that establishes the work of your hands. As you do this you can rest assured that the favor of the Lord your God will rest upon you.

#1 - The Destructive Nature of a Judgmental Spirit
Judging others is not merely an action. It quickly becomes a character trait that will consume our heart and dominate every aspect of our daily life. Therefore, we must take great care to avoid judging others.
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