The Real Cost Of Abortion

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Today marks the 42nd anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion in the United States. According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, it is estimated that a total of 56,622,159 babies have been aborted in the United States alone since 1973. The population of the U.S. is now at 313.9 million so the number of abortions that have been performed in 41 years equals more than 18% of our total, current population. That averages out to over 1.3 million babies aborted every year. To put it in even better perspective, that is equivalent to the total population of the 30 most populated cities in America, according to the  2009 Census estimates. To break it down even further, that averages out to 157 babies aborted every hour for the last 41 years, or 2.6 every minute. In the time it will take me to write this post over 100 more babies will have been aborted. In my opinion, that is a tremendous price to pay for convenience.

In 2002 there were a total of 100,693 murders by firearms around the world (SOURCE: The Eighth United Nations Survey on Crime Trends and the Operations of Criminal Justice Systems (2002) (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Centre for International Crime Prevention). When you compare the statistics, which one deserves more outrage and attention? Which one should our legislature being more concerned about? Which is the bigger atrocity? Abortion! Yet more money, time, energy and resources are spent on gun control legislation than overturning Roe vs. Wade. In America, one is called a crime while the other is called a right. Only in America can you go to prison for killing your family pet and be applauded for killing your unborn baby. More laws are passed every year to protect our environment while state laws restricting abortion are declared unconstitutional. There is something horribly wrong with a country that values the life of a dog over the life of a fetus.

I believe that God forms each and every human life with a divine purpose and the potential to change the world. For the sake of convenience or a woman's right to chose, did we sacrifice our only chance for world peace? Did we forfeit our only opportunity to cure cancer? What world changing opportunities did we throw away in the trash? How many potential Billy Grahams did we throw away, and as a result, how many souls were never given the chance to hear the gospel? With convenience comes a tremendous price tag and one I don't think anyone considered in 1973. Who knows what it has cost us so far, but this I can tell you - there will come a day when the final price for our convenience will be demanded of us by our Creator whom we stole those lives from.

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