Modern Christianity's Misdirected Outrage

Saturday, June 27, 2015

I share a deep concern and sadness with many regarding the recent Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states. Yes, this marks a monumental shift in our country but I must share a deeper concern and grief from my heart as I hear many believers share their outrage.

How on earth can the Church ever hope for spiritual transformation in our country when we sorely lack that same spiritual transformation ourselves? We rail against the sin of homosexuality yet are silent about the sin that is so prevalent within our own walls. Our pulpits condemn the sin of our culture yet we rarely hear sermons decrying the infidelity, adultery and other sexual sins of our own leaders and church members. Where is the public outrage over our own sin and moral failures? Until we confess and repent of our own sins we have no moral ground to stand on in condemning the sin in our culture. We protest against the sins of our culture, demanding legislation to make it stop, yet we turn a blind eye to the sin in our own house. Have we forgotten God's decree that judgment begins in the house of the Lord?

That means it starts with us. Once we do this, perhaps the world might take note of the power of the gospel of grace and forgiveness and be drawn to the cross instead of driven away from it. Until we do, we merely discredit that truth and trample the blood of Christ underfoot. Prayer is not enough. We must turn from our own wicked ways and then, and only then, will God hear our prayers and heal our land.
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