Relationship - Part 1 of 7 Daily Essentials For the Christian Life

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

relationship - part 1 of 7 daily essentials for the christian life
The Christian life does not happen automatically. To be successful requires that we grow daily, and that requires that we be diligent in developing a strong foundation on which we can build on. I believe that there are 7 basic essentials that we must incorporate into the way we live to ensure consistent growth and maturity in our relationship with Christ.

Daily Essential #1 - Relationship. The first key in living a life in Christ to the fullest is understanding that it is a relationship, not a religion. Write this down and put it somewhere that you will see it several times during your day--The Christian Life is not something I do. It's who I am! It is easy to think that doing certain things will make me a certain kind of person. That is upside down thinking. Our actions do not determine who we are, but rather, who we are determines our actions. Do you see the difference? We must understand that the goal is not to just do Godly things, but to become a Godly person so that we will naturally do the things that will glorify God. That is the difference between relationship and religion. Religion focuses on the outward appearance--what I do. Relationship focuses on the inward state of the heart--who I am. I have found that relationship is much more rewarding and enjoyable.

So, the question is not "What do you do?" The question is "Who are you?" Focus today on who you are and let that determine what you do. That simple truth can revolutionize your thinking.

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