Discipleship - Part 4 of 7 Daily Essentials For the Christian Life

Friday, November 20, 2015

discipleship - part 4 of 7 daily essentials for the christian life
In our first three essentials for the Christian life we discovered that it all boils down to relationship. The Christian life is not a daily exercise in completing a list of requirements, but rather, developing a growing and personal relationship with Jesus. As mentioned before, it is not something we do, it is who we are. What I do doesn't make me a Christian. Who I am defines me as a Christian and what I do is a result of that identity. This is true for the fourth daily essential.

Daily Essential #4 - Discipleship.
I have learned that the success of my marriage is dependent upon how much I am willing to invest in the relationship with my wife. This has required that I become a lifelong learner of her--not just learning facts about her, but discovering what truly makes her happy; what her dreams and goals are; what her greatest fears are. In other words, after 29 years I want to be able to know what she's thinking and to anticipate what would make her happy. This takes work but it is well worth the investment.

The Christian life is the same. It isn't enough to just read the Bible and learn facts about God. Discipleship is the commitment to developing a sensitivity to God's heart and learning to recognize His voice. It's being able to read His word and understand what it means for my life at that moment. It's also a daily commitment to become more like Him than I was yesterday. When you read the Bible, keep a daily journal and write down what you sense the Lord is speaking to you through His Word. Read it not just to fulfill your daily requirement, but to discover things about God that you've never understood before.

Remember, the Christian life is not about religion. It's all about relationship so the focus is not on the things we do, but on who we are. As a disciple, the key is to approach everything you do as an investment into your relationship with God.
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