Worship - Part 3 of 7 Daily Essentials For the Christian Life

Thursday, November 19, 2015

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 Relationship and Prayer. Like these first two, the third essential does not come automatically. It must be developed and nurtured and developed as a lifestyle choice, not an action that we do.
Our third essential for the Christian life springs out of a life that is lived with the foundation of the first two essentials--

Daily Essential #3 - Worship
Worship is not defined by what we do in Church on Sunday mornings. That is part of worship but we must be careful that our definition of worship is not limited to that activity. We must understand that worship is not something we do, but rather it is who we are. Worship is the outflow of who we are and the way we live our lives. We tend to focus on "how" we worship - musical style, body position, hymns and choruses, guitars and organs, etc. God focuses on the "who" in worship. In John 4 Jesus tells the Samaritan woman at the well that God is not looking for a certain kind of worship. He is looking for a certain kind of worshiper. It is important for us to define worship the way God defines it. Our actions and methods as we worship are important, but God is first and foremost concerned with the kind of people we are as we worship.

My definition of worship is this - "Authentic worship is a lifestyle of bringing glory and honor to God through the way we live." This is based on Romans 12:1 where Paul defines worship as "offering our bodies as living sacrifices to God." If we are lifting our hands and singing songs of praise to God in church on Sunday morning yet living a lifestyle that does not bring honor to Him on Monday, we are not worshiping. The greatest act of worship is simply living a life fully surrendered to God everyday.

How can you and I live today as a way of offering worship to God in all we do? That is what true worship is really all about and that is what brings honor and glory to Him. Don't just do worship today. Be a worshiper!

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