5 Things You Must Do To Keep Your Head Up When Life Gets You Down

Friday, June 24, 2016

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All of us at times feel overwhelmed by circumstances around us. During times of difficulty and trials Satan will try to sneak up on us and whisper lies into our ear and say things like, "If God really loves you then why is he letting this happen to you?", or "You might as well give up because God doesn't care about you."

In Psalm 3 David shares this same personal scenario with us. He is being attacked on all sides and many people, even those in his inner circle are saying that God won't deliver him. He's all alone with no one to help him. Or so it appears. Notice what he says next in verse three - "But you are a shield around me, O Lord; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head." For a moment David begins to get caught up in the seemingly hopeless situation but then comes to his senses and remembers the truth. This is so true for us today. When we face overwhelming storms and trials in life it is so easy to begin to believe that it is way bigger than it really is and we start believing things about ourselves and God that simply are not true. David gives us a few simple tactics to be able to stand victorious during these moments.

#1 - Don't forget the truth about God.
Remember that God is always bigger and always greater than anything you will ever face. The bigger the problem is the greater God will manifest himself to you in the midst of the storm.

#2 - Don't forget the truth about yourself.
David was quick to verbalize how God viewed him. Though your situation seems to tell you otherwise, never forget that God loves you and he promised to NEVER leave you or forsake you, EVER. When you feel abandoned, start saying this out loud until it sinks in.

#3 - Ask God for help.
This doesn't need explanation. Verse four just says that David cried out to God and he answered him. Often times we fail to do this one thing which is the most critical. If you need help all you have to do is ask.

#4 - Relax!
As you follow these first three you will find yourself able to sleep like a baby even though the bombs are going off right outside your bedroom window. They won't phase you because you know they can't hurt you. This takes practice but it can happen. Don't worry about what is going on around you. God will handle that so all you need to do is rest in him and sleep.

#5 - Let God handle it.
David did not take it upon himself to handle the situation. What he was facing required supernatural intervention so he let the only one who could do anything about it deal with it. Too often we try to do for God what only he can do for us. It sounds trite but it really is true - Let go and let God.

Whatever you are facing today, take time to follow these simple, yet profoundly powerful steps and I guarantee you will be able to stand tall and keep you head up.
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