What Do People Notice About You?

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus. Acts 4:13

The context of this verse is just after Peter and John healed a man that had been lame from birth at the gate Beautiful. They were brought before the High Priest and questioned and warned to stop teaching and proclaiming the name of Jesus. What is fascinating to me about this story goes beyond the miraculous healing of this crippled man who, by the way, was not only healed, but suddenly walked for the first time in his life. What is more fascinating than that is Peter and John's resulting legacy with the people who witnessed this miracle. They had just healed a crippled man, displayed incredible courage when confronted by the religious leaders, and showed that they were just ordinary, unschooled men, but that didn't grab grab the crowd's attention. The fact that they had obviously been with Jesus is what stood out.

What about us? Maybe we should all ask, "What about me?" If we were to ask our neighbors, coworkers, and family members what stands out in their minds about us, what would they say? Here is an even deeper question that we need to muster the courage to honestly answer--What am I spending my time and energy trying to get people to notice about me? My oratory skills? My depth of knowledge and expertise? My incredible talent? My ability to be used by God? Those things are not bad, but if that is what we want to be noted for, we have missed the point of having any of them in the first place. The greatest compliment we could ever receive is that people don't notice us, but simply take note that it is obvious that we have spent time with Jesus.

I wonder if the reason why many of our churches are in decline is because perhaps we are trying to get people to notice us rather than Him. I am struck by the sad fact that so much of what is called worship today is nothing more than a show. So much of what is called preaching is merely empty words that point people to human principles rather than Godly ones. We are so busy exalting ourselves rather than proclaiming Christ. Go back and read chapter four of the book of Acts. Did you notice what is missing? Not once did Peter and John say anything about themselves. Every word pointed their accusers to Jesus.

That is what we need to go back to. The challenge for every believer, every pastor and church leader, every elder and board member is to stop making the Church about us and start making it about Jesus and him alone.
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