You Can't Truly See Until You Close Your Eyes

Sunday, July 31, 2016

blind man walking
"For we walk by faith, not by sight." 2 Corinthians 5:7 (KJV)

Living life in the reality of this verse does not come easy and it does not come naturally to us. It is a process that is developed over time and takes daily practice. To walk by faith requires that we allow God to lead us beyond the limitation of what we can or can't see and be guided by what he sees. We have to stop trusting our eyes because what we see in the natural often times is far from the reality of what can be seen in the spiritual realm. God's eyesight is not limited by our 3-dimensional world. It is not limited by time and space like ours. To put it simply, to walk by faith means we choose to live by what we can't see. It is a choice we have to make every minute of every day and two things happen when we make that choice.

#1 - God begins to remove the barriers of the physical in your life.
When you commit to live your life in the dimension of the Spirit rather than the flesh, God will begin to open you up to a whole new way of living--a whole new dimension. Where you were powerless to deal with problems, God begins to unleash his unlimited, supernatural power in you to overcome those problems. Where you lacked understanding, God begins to open your mind up to the mind of Christ who is all-knowing. Where you lacked the physical strength to deal with life, God begins to fill you with his supernatural power and strength. In our own flesh we are limited. In his Spirit those limitations are removed because we are now living in his dimension. We are now living by faith, not by sight.

#2 - Satan begins to build barriers to block your path.
When you decide to walk by faith Satan will then throw everything he has at you to get you focused on what you see. He will use every circumstance as an opportunity to get your eyes to tell you the opposite of what God sees. He knows you are visually oriented and will use that against you. When he does, you have to force yourself to not trust your eyesight. Your circumstances will try to tell you that God is not faithful, that he has forgotten you, or that he doesn't love you. You can't afford to listen to that. You have to literally close your eyes and refuse to look at what you see and trust what you can't see. That is not easy. When we walk by sight, we immediately limit ourselves because we cease walking in the dimension of his Spirit. That is exactly what the devil wants you to do. Don't fall for it. Just don't look!

If you want to be limited today, just open your eyes and go by what you see. If you want to tap into the unlimited dimension of God's Spirit, close your eyes and then let him show you what he sees. That is when he will take you by the hand and lead you into a dimension that changes everything.

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