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Sunday, September 25, 2016

tightrope walker
"Trust in the Lord with your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)

Nik Wallenda is perhaps one of the most famous tightrope walkers known today. His most recent stunt was crossing the Grand Canyon last June and before that, he traversed across Niagara Falls in 2012. He is the first to accomplish both feats. There is nothing unique about being a tightrope walker. Every circus has one, but what sets him apart from all other tightrope walkers is the fact that he refuses to use a safety net or harness. A circus performer takes little risk because there is a large net to catch him if he falls. Not so for Nik Wallenda. If he falls it will be his last stunt. That is what separates Circus Performers from Daredevils. Daredevils risk their lives. Circus Performers merely risk applause.

There are also two kinds of faith when it comes to following Christ--Circus Performer Faith and Daredevil Faith. Circus Performer Faith takes the safe route. It takes little steps of faith but only after putting safety nets in place to catch you if you fall. A safety net is anything you put in place to take care of you just in case God doesn't come through. Daredevil Faith, on the other hand, isn't interested in safety. Daredevil Faith is an "all or nothing" kind of faith. It understands that once you are out on that tightrope, there is no turning back and you have nothing to trust in except God alone. Anyone can be a Circus Performer. There is no risk. It takes real trust to be a Daredevil. It requires that you risk everything.

I think that is the essence of Proverbs 3:5-6. Trusting in the Lord with all your heart is like walking a tightrope above the Grand Canyon without a net or harness. It is taking a step of faith that requires trusting God for your very life. It requires the understanding that if God doesn't catch you, you are dead. It means going against everything that is reasonable and makes sense. The promise for those who walk like this is God will make their paths straight. The King James Version says that he will direct your paths. In other words, he will take you places that no one else has ever walked. There is one other thing that sets Circus Performers apart from Daredevils--Daredevils get to walk in places others never dream of walking.

Where is God calling you to walk today? Don't settle for Circus Performer Faith. Take a real step of faith and step out on that tightrope where it is just you and the Lord. Walk away from everything that could be your safety net and put your complete trust in him alone. Be a Daredevil. When you do, God will direct your steps to places you never dreamed you would ever go.

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