The Beatitudes, Part 7 - Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Friday, November 4, 2016

blessed are the peacemakers

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they will be called sons of God. Matthew 5:9

This Beatitude goes right to the heart of our motivation in our relationships with other people. To be a peacemaker is more than just being a person who doesn't create waves, or who avoids confrontation at all costs. Being a pacifist does not make you a peacemaker either. We have all witnessed plenty of pacifists engaged in hostile demonstrations. Being a peacemaker has more to do with the type of person you are at your core or rather, your character.

Peace is not the absence of turmoil. Peace is the presence of grace in the midst of turmoil. True peace is when two people, who have diametrically opposed positions, lay down their need to be right. Peace disappears when we feel we have to prove something or make a point. I really believe that being a peacemaker is the fruit of being pure in heart (Matthew 5:8) Remember that being pure in heart is being pure in our motivations toward others. It means being free from any personal agendas. The natural result is that you become a peacemaker. It becomes a natural characteristic of who you are. That is what the Beatitudes are really all about--becoming like Christ from the inside out. It's not about behaving a certain way or following a list called the Beatitudes. It's about being that person. Again, it's all about character.

Verse 5 says that peacemakers will be called sons, or children of God. Since a peacemaker becomes like Jesus, then he becomes someone who is worthy to be called by his name. The Father looks at a peacemaker and says, "You see that guy there? That's my son. Want to know how I know? He's just like my son, Jesus."

Lord, make us more like you today so that we will become peacemakers.

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