A Tribute To My Mom

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Shirley Good
Shirley Good
It has been almost 16 years now since my mother passed away. I miss her greatly, especially during Mother's Day. I miss being able to call her on the phone just to talk and I miss her visits every year to our home. She was an amazing woman of God and growing up under her care I saw a wonderful example of how to live your life out like Jesus.

I had the awesome honor of preaching at her funeral. I shared two things that stood out about her life. First, I have never met anyone who didn't like my mother. She was loved by everyone who knew her and she had no enemies. Second, I was proud to say that standing by her casket and reflecting on my life with her I could honestly say that I had absolutely no regrets. None! Sure, we had disagreements over the years, but I had no unresolved issues. No water under the bridge. No bitterness. That was a wonderful feeling.

As a tribute to her on this Mother's Day, I would like to share this acrostic poem of her name that I shared at her memorial service - Shirley Good. Her name says it all.

S - Simplicity. She was very intelligent and smart but uncomplicated and not given to extremes.
H - Holiness. She lived a life that glorified God at all times.
 I  - Integrity. She was the same in public as she was in private.
R - Repentance. She was always quick to say I'm sorry.
L - Love. She loved everyone whether they loved her back or not.
E - Earnest. She was marked by a deep sincerity about God's word.
Y - Yearning. She had a deep passion for God's presence.

G - Goodness. She had a deep sense of purity about her.
O - Optimism. She was always positive, never complained and saw the bright side in everything.
O - Overcomer. When life got really tough she rolled up her sleeves and never gave up.
D - Determination. She never took the credit and always gave it to her God.

Thank you, mom, for being the godly woman you were. You taught me much about God and gave me a great example so that when I met my wife I knew immediately that she was the one for me.

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